The Short Version

This website was created as a side project by the entire ProWorks team as a way to indulge our love of sports and geeky technical stuff at the same time.   

The Long Version

Several months ago one of our lead developers started to informally award imaginary "helmet stickers" to folks in the office for as a way to publicly announce that someone had done something remarkable. For example he might say, "Helmet sticker for Alan!" after Alan had discovered and applied a new HTML5 design technique to solve an especially challenging problem.  

The practice caught on. "Helmet sticker" became the office norm giving public praise to each other. The practice was great for the office culture. After we started usign a whiteboard to display different types of helmet stickers we concluded it was time to create a new web solution for ourselves and others to enjoy.

We assigned single day for the ProWorks project team to exercise our collective muscles, share something cool online (well we think its pretty cool at least), show off a little and have some fun. 

So here you go. Please enjoy. We'd love to hear what you think.